Q. You don’t have what I want, can you make it for me?

A. I will certainly try! If it is similar to one from my gallery, then almost certainly. Other than that just give me your ideas and I’ll see what I can come up with.


Q. Do you repair pens?

A. If I cannot repair it myself then I will point you in the right direction.


Q. Can I see the pen before I buy?

A. You are more than welcome to come and inspect any of my goods before purchasing.


Q. What methods of payment do you accept.

A. Online shopping is with all major credit/debit cards through PayPal. Personal Cheques, postal orders and bank transfer is also acceptable.


Q. Can you supply the pen in a box?

A. I supply all pens in one of my personalised pen boxes.


Q. What if I'm not happy with my pen?

A. If it is a problem we cannot resolve then you are more than welcome to return the pen for a full refund.


Q. I have some wood of my own. Can you make me a pen from it!

A. More than likely yes!!