All of my standard fountain pens are supplied with a medium nib that came from the manufacturer of the components that make up the pen.

To this end, I offer a nib upgrade feature. The brand of nib I offer for the upgrade is Jowo, one of, if not the best nib manufacturer from Germany. All nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad, and in Steel, Gold or two tone Gold with Rhodium masking. The gold on these nibs is plated. The cost for an upgrade to one of these nibs is £10. Also available are stock stub nibs in 1.1mm and 1.5mm widths.

Solid 18 carat Gold nibs are also available in Fine, Medium and Broad. The price of these vary to to the fluctuation in Gold prices, but currently a smaller nib is £75 and the larger nibs are £85.

I try to keep a stock of plated nibs, but if I need to order them in it can take up to two weeks.

Any of these nibs can have a special grind on them. This is performed by one of the countries top nib specialists, The cost for this service is around £40. Please allow a three to four week turnaround for this service