M3 Cobaltium Makume Gane


M3 Cobaltium Makume Gane

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A material with a bit of a story. So what is it?

It is a new composite material which is made with up to 95% of real metal that has been atomized down to the molecular level and combined with special chemical binders. It is an exciting new space age material that is just now being recognized for its remarkable beauty, strength and futuristic properties. Millions of dollars have been spent perfecting this material for other industries, pen blanks are just a bonus. The skin of the Space Shuttle, the Stealth Bomber and the International Space Station all contain examples of this remarkable new material. It is electronically depleted so that it will not conduct electricity or cause electrolysis allowing for new metal alloys that are just not possible in nature.

These pens are very light, weighing in at around 16g without the cap.  It will be fitted with a JoWo nib of your choice, just advise me once purchased. Your choices are EF, F, M, B, 1..1mm stub, 1.5mm stub available in polished stainless or two tone (stainless steel). Gold available as an extra in F, M, B. It comes with a quality ink converter and will also accept standard international ink cartridges (not supplied. The pen will come in my branded box.

Please state your nib requirement in the comment section of your PayPal payment.

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