Stock Pens

Stock Pens

Since I started making pens I had the ambition to make fountain pens from scratch, with the only purchased parts being the nib, clip and the material for the body.

A lot of time is spent fabricating one of these pens as there are no patterns or instructions. It is almost like a combination of engineering and sculpting. These pens are truly unique. They are usually a lot lighter than many other fountain pens due to the lack of metal embellishments.



I mainly use Jowo nibs. I do however occasionally use Bock or even Pelikan nibs.


Custom orders

Custom orders are more than welcome. Please contact me with your requirements. You may want certain colours (maybe for a university graduation present) or certain shape or size etc. We can I am sure work something out. Prices for custom orders are not that different from my stock custom pens.


Stock Custom Pens

I can't resist making these pens at any opportunity I can! These pens are for sale on this site, a sample of which is shown below. The nibs can be changed on these pens to suit your requirements.

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Cellulose Acetate - Fireworks


In stock

Cellulose Acetate - Cracked Ice


Currently unavailable

31 - 32 of 32 results